Let Us Develop the Computer Vision Model for You

Our computer vision & data science experts will develop a tailor-made model per your specifications

Whether there’s a project to build from the ground up, from data engineering and pipeline creation to production, or to improve upon already existing models and take them to the next level, Allegro AI’s Project Labs can provide the data science knowledge and engineering expertise that you need to deliver a best-of-breed solution for your market.

All projects are built and delivered on top of Allegro AI’s Enterprise-grade platform

  • Mitigate model drift with the built-in continuous learning feedback loop.
  • Easily scale up to support new and changing scenarios, situations and capabilities.
  • Full transparency of all deliverables, models, code and data sets, along with full development architecture and versioning.
  • Seamless transitioning so that when you are ready to take back ownership of the project, we will ensure a smooth handover process.

Delivering a Tailor-Made Computer Vision Solution for Your Needs

Quality control automation

Anomaly detection

Object identification


Video recognition

Signal processing

Situational analysis

Predictive models

See Use Case by Industry


The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution driven by deep-learning based perception.

  • Autonomous vehicles (AV), set to turn the industry on its head, require at their core a perception “brain” in the vehicle to enable them to autonomously navigate the physical world. Not only L5 autonomous vehicles require a perception brain, but certainly all ADAS solutions do.
  • In-cabin monitoring for driver and passenger safety, and for media and entertainment use cases.
  • Visual quality control in the plant production lines.

OEMs, Tier1s and other companies are all struggling with the enormous challenges inherent in bringing these new products to market.  Allegro AI’s tools and solutions are already in service at some of the world’s leading brands in healthcare and radiology.


There are many areas in healthcare where computer vision is being utilized and benefiting medical professionals to better diagnose and treat patients:

  • Radiology & medical imaging
  • Diagnosis
  • Timely detection of illness
  • Assisted surgeries and procedures
  • Physiological health monitoring
  • Drug discovery

Allegro AI is already helping some of the world’s most innovative brands to utilize computer vision solutions for a better medical reality.


Computer vision can provide enhanced consumer experiences on one hand, while delivering improved BI for management on the other. The amount of use cases for perception solutions in the retail industry is only growing:

  • Customer traffic & journey through the store
  • Service level of the staff
  • Shrinkage
  • Product assortment & stock analysis
  • Automated checkout
  • In-store product promotion based on customer characteristics

With Allegro AI, you will able to utilize our expertise and robust technology to bring your computer vision solutions to retail reality.


Computer vision will bring about the next level in public, organizational and personal safety. Video surveillance cameras are placed in homes, offices, parking lots, banks, hospitals, airports, parks, stadiums, malls, train stations, etc. The challenge is not about acquiring the surveillance data from these cameras, but to identify what is valuable and meaningful and how to react, all in real time. The use cases Allegro AI can help you with include:

  • Strategic asset management & protection
  • Intrusion / threat detection
  • Crowd analysis
  • Access Control
  • In-home / business / public place monitoring

With Allegro AI, you will be able to leverage our expertise and robust technology to deliver best-of-breed security solutions, as some of the leading brands in security and security cameras are already doing.


The amount of videos and images being created is exponentially growing. Media companies need tools to be able to manage and query their video assets beyond traditional archiving methods. Being able to automatically understand video so that it can be tagged, searched, categorized and delivered is key. There are many use cases for media perception solutions:

  • Asset management
  • Search & identification tools
  • Brand placement identification
  • Brand safety

Allegro AI is already working with some of the most recognized brands in media and entertainment to support their needs in media asset management and beyond.


The opportunity to utilize computer vision solutions to reduce costs for farmers and to increase crop yield and quality are huge. Deep learning and perception solutions can be applied to:

  • Detect fruit diseases, weeds, water leaks, etc.
  • Sort and grade agricultural products in real-time
  • Track plant growth
  • Monitor animal behavior and give timely alerts
  • Classify products into specific grades
  • Estimate properties such as shape, color, size, surface defects, and contamination

We invite you to work with us to take agriculture to the next stage in its evolution with Allegro AI’s computer vision solutions.

Smart Cities

Municipalities are looking to leverage their large and ever growing network of security cameras for additional use cases beyond the traditional security needs.

  • Automated traffic management
  • Public hazard detection
  • Parking optimization

Allegro AI can help you develop the computer vision systems you need to take city management capabilities to the next level.


Computer vision and perception solutions can be used in many ways in the manufacturing industry.

  • Machine maintenance (predictive maintenance for machines)
  • Visual quality control and defect detection
  • Health and safety for human operators
  • Identify and track possibly catastrophic scenarios for your manufacturing processes.

It’s clear that perception solutions can boost production in a profound way. Allegro AI’s platform can work with video,  thermal imaging and any time series data to help you build a perception solution tailored for your needs.

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