Transform Deep Learning Computer Vision Research into Products. Faster.

End-to-end enterprise-grade platform for data scientists, engineers,
DevOps and R&D executives to manage the entire deep learning product life-cycle

Enterprise Offering Highlights

Unstructured Data Management

Achieve unprecedented levels of control and transparency over your data

Know your data

Allegro AI provides you with comprehensive probing tools, enabling you to explore your datasets in ever finer detail, allowing you to zero-in on points of interest.

Better results with less data

Mix and match data sets with detailed control. Create synthetic data optimized for your use cases leveraging in-flight augmentations with flexible optimizations.

Ingest any data from anywhere

Leverage and fuse a multitude of data sources from different sensors - from images and videos to LiDAR, audio, IoT sensors, and FLIR.

Continuously improving

Facilitate an integrated data feedback loop to re-train models and machines based on real-world data.

Version control & comparison

Allegro AI’s multi-faceted version control provides you the ability to manage dataset versions as well as couple dataset versions to specific models and source code. Branch, merge, and compare past experiments in real-time.

Resource Management & AutoML

Your DL-Ops control console

Cut cluster maintenance resources

Automate re-use of resources in the cloud or on-prem with simple API to manage your cluster. Easily integrate Allegro AI with leading cluster and orchestration tools: Kubernetes, Slurm, AirFlow, KubeFlow.

Stop container overflow

Automagical reuse of base containers, so you don’t have to manage hundreds of dockers per project.

Save money on your cloud and on-prem expenses

Automatically spin VMs up and down based on your project’s needs. Build flexible automation logic with monitoring built in, support per resource spin strategy, and re-arrange schedules and budgets.

Scale your AutoML efforts

Create elastic clusters to test variety of hyper-parameter combinations on any cloud or on premises instances. Single point of contact for complex AutoML strategies and pipelines, agnostic to machine & data location.

Data Engineering Services

Focus on your model, we’ll do the rest

Outsource your data engineering challenges – Our data engineering team will analyze your workflows and datasets , and then build automation and scheduling with full tracking and visibility.

We will:

  • Build your data ingestion pipeline for optimal AutoML flows
  • Integrate with your data sources and existing data lake
  • Introduce feedback loops from production systems into your data curation strategy
  • Integrate with production systems
  • Boost your data scientists' collaboration and efficiency with fully automated artifact bookkeeping in shared storage
  • Hand over pipelines with full transparency

Enabled Feedback-Loop Technologies

Continuous learning

Build AutoML and scale models to devices. Feed real-world data into models to continuously refine datasets and retrain detectors.

Federated learning

Enable your devices to share knowledge without sharing data.

Distributed learning

Run one code on different machines on prem or in the cloud. We’ve made sure the data is accessible no matter the environment or machine.

Active learning

Profound transparency of what raw data is available to you and what you need.

Personalized Models

Build sub-models to optimize devices for one specific environment or task.

Covering the Deep Learning Continuum

Allegro AI is the first and only platform that addresses each phase of the deep learning product life-cycle

Machine learning and deep learning full product lifecycle

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