This page describes the Trains Web-App Workers & Queues page, Workers tab, which provides a summary of worker information, including the experiment is a worker is running, metrics, queues workers are listening to, and experiments in those queues.

For more information, see Workers and queues in the "Concepts and Architecture" section.

List of workers

View a list of workers, including the worker name, name of the currently running experiment, elapsed time the current experiment has been running, and the last or most recent iteration of the experiment.

Worker details

By clicking a worker in the list of workers, the details panel slides open containing general information about the worker, and information about queues a worker is listening to in the following tabs:

  • INFO - The worker name, elapsed time the worker is running, current experiment running, elapsed time the experiment is running, and the last or most recent iteration.
  • QUEUES - A list of queues to which the worker is listening, including queue name, next experiment in the queue, and number of enqueued experiments.

Worker metrics

View a chart showing the following worker metrics, which you can filter by 3, 6, or 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month:

  • Average CPU and GPU Usage
  • Average Memory Usage
  • Average Video Memory
  • Average Network Usage

When the Workers tab opens, the chart shows all workers. By clicking on a worker in the worker list, the chart refreshes showing metrics for that worker. To view data details, hover over a point on the chart.