This page describes the Trains Web-App Workers & Queues page, Queues tab, which provides a summary of queue information, including a list of queues, experiments in each queue, workers listening to each queue, and metrics.

For more information, see Workers and queues in the "Concepts and Architecture" section.

List of queues

View a list of all queues, including queue name, next experiment in the queue, elapsed time since the queue was last updated, and the number of enqueued experiments.

Queue details

By clicking a queue in the list of queues, the charts refresh showing metrics for that queue, only, and the details panel slides open`. The details panel contains the EXPERIMENTS tab showing queued experiments for the queue, including the worker name, IP address, and experiment currently running, and the WORKERS tab showing workers listening to the queue.

Queue metrics

View queue metrics in charts for experiment wait time and queued experiments. When the Queue tab opens, the charts show metrics for all queues. By clicking a queue in the queue list, the charts refreshes showing metrics for that queue. Filter the metrics time frame to the preceding 3, 6, or 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. To view data details, hover over a point on the chart.


Add queues

  • Click + NEW QUEUE, enter the new queue name, and then click CREATE.

Manage experiments in queues

  • In the queue list, click the queue and then in the details panel EXPERIMENTS tab which appears, do any of the following:
    • Reorder the experiments - Drag an experiment to new position, or click Move to top or Move to bottom.
    • Move experiments to other queues - Click Move to queue.
    • Remove experiments from queues - Click Remove from queue.

Rename and delete queues

  • In the queue list, right click the queue and from the context menu click Delete or Rename.

    If experiments are enqueued

    You cannot delete a queue that has enqueued experiments. First, move the experiments to another queue or queues and then delete the queue. Alternatively, remove the experiments from the queue, and their status becomes Failed.

Copy a queue Id to the clipboard

  • In the queue list, hover over a queue name and then click Copy Queue ID.