The Projects page provides access to individual project pages, shows general information about each project, and allows you to create, rename, and delete projects.

Select project pages

You can select a project page (select one project), or the all projects page (a project page containing all experiments and models).

  • In the Projects page, click the project card or All projects. The project page appears.

Creating projects

Create new projects by providing a project name and description. Optionally, provide a default output destination for the storage of model snapshots and artifacts.

This project default output destination is not the storage location for debug samples, which can be set in code using the Logger.setup_upload() method. In Trains, these are different locations you can use to more efficiently manage your storage.

  • Click + NEW PROJECT > Type the new project name, description, and optionally a default output destination > CREATE PROJECT.

Renaming projects

  • Click    (menu) > Rename > Type a new name >    (check).

Deleting projects

Only empty projects can be deleted.

To delete a project that contains experiments or models, move the experiments and models to the archive, and then delete the project. The experiments and models will not be deleted, however their association to the project will no longer exist. Their project will be empty. If the experiments and models are restored, they will not be associated with a project.

  • Click (menu) > Delete > DELETE.