Use the Trains Web-App (UI) Profile page to do the following:

  • Create and delete Trains credentials (required to configure Trains and Trains Agent). The Profile page also shows the last date and time of usage for each set of credentials.
  • Specify and delete cloud credentials.
  • View your version of Trains Server.
  • Logout of Trains.

Creating Trains credentials

  • Click + Create new credentials. Your new credentials appear in a dialog window where you can copy them to the clipboard.

Save your credentials

To maintain security, once you create credentials and close the dialog window, you cannot view these credentials again in the Trains Web-App (UI).

Cloud access credentials

  • In the Cloud Access section, type the following credentials
    • Bucket - The name of a Cloud bucket.
    • Key - The access key.
    • Secret / SAS - The secret key or shared access signature for Azure Storage.
    • Region - The region for AWS S3.
    • Host (Endpoint) - The host for non-AWS S3 servers.