User Interface (Web-App) Overview

The Trains user interface is the Trains Web-App. It is a component of Trains Server. It is available to you as part of either our demo Trains Server ( or your own locally-hosted Trains Server. Use it to view and manage your experimentation, including tracking, comparing, and managing experiments, as well monitoring and managing workers and queues (see Workers and queues.

The Trains Web-App is composed of the following pages:

  • Home - Your experimentation dashboard for recent experiments and quick access to projects, experiment details, workers, and queues.
  • Projects - View and tune experiment details and model details which are easily accessed and monitored from the experiments table and models table.
  • Workers and queues - View and monitor workers and queues, including metrics. Also, manage queues and enqueued experiments.
  • Profile - Create and delete Trains credentials and Cloud access credentials, as well as view your version of Trains and logout.

Additionally, from the Trains Web-App you can open our trains repository and fork it.