Models Details

This page describes the Trains Web-App Profile page, Models tab, details panel which contains all information for a model, and is organized by the following tabs which are explained in the Overview section:

  • GENERAL - General information about the model.
  • NETWORK - The model's network configuration, if available.
  • LABELS - The class (label) enumeration.

The Features section of this page highlights features and actions you can perform in the model's detail panel.



View general model information, such as the date / time the model was created, the framework, model status (Published models are read-only and Draft models are editable), the model URL, project, and description.

To view the experiment creating the model, in CREATING EXPERIMENT, click the hyperlink. The experiment details appear.

You can also the model URL to the clipboard.


View the model configuration. In Draft status models, you can edit the model configuration, and the new configuration is used if the model is used by an experiment that runs.


View the class (label) enumeration, including the class names and values. In Draft status models, you can edit the classes.


View model Ids

  • In the details panel, top area, click ID. The model Id appears.

Manage models

The Trains Web-App supports features allowing you to manage your models. These features are available in the models details panel menu and in model context menu on the Models Table page.

To manage a model (perform a model action), do the following:

  • In the models details panel, click the menu and do any of the actions described in Manage models on the Models Table page.