The Home page provides quick access and summarized monitoring of recently updated experiments and projects containing those experiments. It allows you to create new projects, and open the Workers & Queues for resources utilization monitoring and queues managements.

Selecting recent projects, experiments, and models

  • A project or all projects
    1. In RECENT PROJECTS, click a project or VIEW ALL. The project page appears showing the project's experiments table (and the models table in the MODELS tab), or the all projects page appears showing all experiments (and all models in the MODELS tab).
    2. Click an experiment. The experiment's details pane opens.
  • An experiment
    • In RECENT EXPERIMENTS, click the experiment. The project page for that experiment appears, and the experiment's details pane opens.

Creating new projects

  • Click + NEW PROJECT, enter the project name, and optionally the description and default output destination, and then click CREATE PROJECT.

Opening resources utilization monitoring and queues management

  • Click MANAGE WORKERS AND QUEUES. The Workers & Queues appears.