This page describes the Trains Web-App Home page which provides a summary of recent projects and experiments, quick access to these experiments, and features to create new projects and open the Workers & Queues page. The Overview section of this page provides details about the information in the Home page and the Features section highlights features and actions you can perform using the Home page.


On the Home page, you can view the following in its two main sections:

  • RECENT PROJECTS - Project cards for the most recently updated Projects, including project name, total, running, and completed experiments in the project, and total computing time used by those experiments.
  • RECENT EXPERIMENTS - The most recently updated experiments, including experiment type, name, project, elapsed time since the experiment started, elapsed time since the experiment was last updated, if the experiment is enqueued the name of the queue, if the experiment is being run by a worker the name of the worker, and the status.


On the Home page, you can do the following:

  • View and manage experiments and models in a project or all projects - Click a project card or VIEW ALL. The Projects page opens. On the Projects page, the EXPERIMENTS tab shows experiments table and the MODELS shows model table for the project or all projects appears.
  • View and tune experiment details, including models - Click an experiment in the RECENT EXPERIMENTS area. The experiment details appear. Access the model details from the experiment details.
  • Create a new project - Click + NEW PROJECT, enter the project name, and optionally the description and default output destination, and then click CREATE PROJECT.
  • View and monitor workers and queues - Click MANAGE WORKERS AND QUEUES.