Quick Start

Trains is now ClearML

This documentation applies to the legacy Trains versions. For the latest documentation, see ClearML.

You can start using Trains in four, easy steps and immediately see your experiment in the demo Trains Server (https://demoapp.trains.allegro.ai/dashboard).

To start using Trains, do the following:

  1. Install the Trains package.

    pip install trains
  2. Add two lines of code to your Python experiment script.

    from trains import Task
    task = Task.init(project_name="my project", task_name="my task")
  3. Run your script.

  4. In your local environment, the console output includes the URL of the experiment's RESULTS page.

    TRAINS Task: overwriting (reusing) task id=60763e04c0ba45ea9fe3cfe79f3f06a3
    TRAINS results page: https://demoapp.trains.allegro.ai/projects/21643e0f1c4a4c99953302fc88a1a84c/experiments/60763e04c0ba45ea9fe3cfe79f3f06a3/output/log

    You can now view your experiment in Trains by doing one of the following:

    • If the experiment results URL appears in your console as a hyperlink, click it.
    • If it is not a URL, copy / paste to your browser.

    Alternatively, open our Trains demo server and view your experiment

    Open the demo server (https://demoapp.trains.allegro.ai/dashboard) in your browser and the Home page, click your experiment. The experiment info panel slides open.

The experiment's RESULTS page appears (in full screen mode) and the LOG sub-tab is open.


Next Steps

  • Learn more about how Trains works, see our Tutorials.
  • If you want to use a self-hosted server, then deploy Trains Server.