Scalars Reporting

The demonstrates explicit scalar reporting, It reports scalars by calling the Logger.report_scalar method and providing the scalar in the value parameter. To report more than one series on the same plot, use same the title argument. For different plots, use different title arguments. Trains reports these tables in the Trains Web (UI), experiment details, RESULTS tab, SCALARS sub-tab. When the script runs, it creates an experiment named scalar reporting, which is associated with the examples project.

 # report two scalar series on the same graph
for i in range(100):
    logger.report_scalar("unified graph", "series A", iteration=i, value=1./(i+1))
    logger.report_scalar("unified graph", "series B", iteration=i, value=10./(i+1))

# report two scalar series on two different graphs
for i in range(100):
    logger.report_scalar("graph A", "series A", iteration=i, value=1./(i+1))
    logger.report_scalar("graph B", "series B", iteration=i, value=10./(i+1))