3D Plots Reporting

The 3d_plots_reporting.py example demonstrates reporting a series as a surface plot and as a 3D scatter plot. Trains reports these plots in the Trains Web (UI), experiment details, RESULTS tab, PLOTS sub-tab. When the script runs, it creates an experiment named 3D plot reporting, which is associated with the examples project.

Surface plot

To plot a series as a surface plot, use the Logger.report_surface method.

    # report 3d surface
    surface = np.random.randint(10, size=(10, 10))
        xaxis="title X",
        yaxis="title Y",
        zaxis="title Z",

Visualize the reported surface plot in the RESULTS tab, PLOTS sub-tab.

3D scatter plot

To plot a series as a 3-dimensional scatter plot, use the Logger.report_scatter3d method.

# report 3d scatter plot
    scatter3d = np.random.randint(10, size=(10, 3))
        xaxis="title x",
        yaxis="title y",
        zaxis="title z",

Visualize the reported 3D scatter plot in the RESULTS tab, PLOTS sub-tab.