TensorBoard Toy

The tensorboard_toy.py example demonstrates Trains automatic logging of TensorBoard scalars, histograms, images, and text, as well as all other console output and TensorFlow DEFINES. It uses tf.summary.create_file_writer with the following:

  • tf.summary.histogram
  • tf.summary.scalar
  • tf.summary.text
  • tf.summary.image

When the script runs, it creates an experiment named tensorboard toy example, which is associated with the examples project.


The tf.summary.scalar output appears in the RESULTS tab, SCALARS tab, along with the resource utilization plots, which are titled :monitor: machine.


The tf.summary.histogram output appears in the RESULTS tab, PLOTS tab.

Debug samples

The tf.summary.image output appears in the RESULTS tab, DEBUG SAMPLES tab, by iteration.


Command line arguments, which are automatically logged when argparse is used, appear in the HYPER PARAMETERS tab.


The tf.summary.text and all other console output, appear in the RESULTS tab, LOG tab.