Projects Page

The Projects page provides access to each project, allows you to create, rename, and delete projects, and view general information. Each project page contains the experiments and models associated with that project. To easily access all experiments and models, use All projects. On the Projects page, you can also create, rename, and delete projects. A project card represents each project.

To select a project:

  • In the Projects page, click the project card or All projects. If you select All projects, then the experiments table contains experiments for every project, and the models table contains every model.

To create a project:

  • Click + NEW PROJECT > Type the new project name, description, and optionally a default output destination > CREATE PROJECT.

To rename a project:

  • Click the menu > Rename > Type a new name > (check).

To delete a project:

You can only delete empty projects. To delete a project that contains experiments or models, move the experiments and models to the archive, and then delete the project. In this case, those archived experiments and models are no longer associated with a project.

  • Click the menu > Delete > DELETE.