Your Own ClearML Server

The open source ClearML Server is the self-hosted ClearML backend infrastructure that you can deploy, fully control, and modify as you like. It includes all the backend components: the web server (with the ClearML Web UI), file server, and REST API server, as well as the ClearML services container; the ClearML servicies container supports ClearML Agent running in services-mode for long-lasting jobs, such as the ClearML AWS autoscaler service, experiment monitoring service, and your own customized services.

You can deploy your own ClearML Server in any of the multiple formats shown below. Once deployed, configure your server for web login authentication, sub domains and load balancers, and using any of its many configuration settings.

To deploy your own ClearML Server:

  1. Deploy clearml-server using any of the available formats which include:

  2. Optionally, configure Trains Server for additional features, including sub-domains and load balancers, web login authentication, and the non-responsive task watchdog.

  3. Configure ClearML for ClearML Server.