Sharing Experiments and Models


This is a ClearML Hosted Service feature, only.

ClearML Hosted Service users can share experiments with users of another workspace. Sharing an experiment shares its models, as well. Shared experiments are read-only. Shared experiments can be made private. If you archive a shared experiment, it automatically becomes private.


When a user opens the hyperlink for a shared experiment in their browser, only that experiment appears in the experiment table.

Sharing experiments

Share experiments from the experiments table, the info panel menu, and from the full screen details menu.

To share an experiment and its model:

  1. Share from any of the following:

    • The experiment table - Right click the experiment. The context menu appears.

    • The info panel or full screen details view - Click the experiment > image (menu) > Share.

  2. Click Share.

  3. Click Create link.

  4. Copy the hyperlink and send it to a ClearML Hosted Service user of another workspace.

Making shared experiment private

To make a shared experiment private again:

  1. Make private from the experiment table, info panel, or full screen details view (see “Sharing experiments” above).

  2. Click Share.

  3. Click Remove link.