Reproducing experiments

Reproduce experiments on local or remote machines. Reproduce experiments by cloning any experiment (make an exact copy keeping the original), or resetting an experiment whose status is not Published. Resetting deletes the previous run’s logs and output. After cloning or resetting, enqueue the reset or newly cloned experiment for execution by a worker.

You can also modify experiments and then execute them remotely, see Tuning Experiments.

To reproduce an experiment:

  1. Locate the experiment. Open the Project page for the experiment from the Home page or the main Projects page.

    • On the Home page, click a recent experiment, project card, or VIEW ALL and then click a project card.

    • On the Projects page, click project card, or the All projects card.

  2. Clone the experiment. In the experiments table, right click and then either:

    • Clone (make an exact copy)

      1. Click Clone.

      2. In the Clone experiment dialog, Project textbox, select or create a project. To search for another project, start typing the project name. To create a new project, type new experiment name and click Create New.

      3. Enter an optional description.

      4. Click CLONE.

    • Reset (delete logs and output from the previous run) - Click Reset.

    The experiment’s status becomes Draft.

  3. Enqueue the experiment for execution. Right click the experiment > Enqueue > Select a queue > ENQUEUE.

    The experiment’s status becomes Pending. When the worker fetches the Task (experiment), the status becomes Running. You can now track your experiment and visualize the results.