Version 0.17

ClearML 0.17.5


  • Add force_download argument to Artifact.get() and Artifact.get_local_copy() clearml GitHub Issue 319

  • Support all reporting using subprocesses instead of threads (default sdk.development.report_use_subprocess=True)

  • Improve Datasets support

    • Add clearml-data publish to allow publishing a dataset task

    • Add clearml-data sync can now create, sync and close a dataset with a single command

    • Allow Dataset to be created on a running Task

    • Add dataset_tags argument to Dataset.get()

    • Add Dataset.get_logger()

  • Add Task.add_requirements() support for specifying version <>=~ etc.

  • Add StorageManager.upload_folder() and StorageManager.download_folder()

  • Add progress report logging for StorageHelper.upload_from_stream(), StorageHelper.upload() and StorageHelper.upload_from_stream()

  • Add jupyter auto-magic store jupyter notebook as an artifact on the Task (default sdk.development.store_jupyter_notebook_artifact=True)

  • Add upload HTML preview of jupyter notebook as an artifact

  • Add PipelineController disable clone base task option

  • Add links to Tasks in optimization summary table (not just Task IDs)

  • Add support for datetime in scatter plots + matplotlib support

  • Improve plotly value type conforming

  • Improve PyTorch DataLoader speed clearml GitHub Issue 291

  • Update Auto Scaler default values and configuration

  • Examples

    • Add Hydra example

    • Add artifacts retrieval example

    • Update various examples

Bug Fixes

  • Fix warning or error message if requirements parsing failed clearml GitHub Issue 291

  • Fix pytorch-lighting multi node store clearml GitHub Issue 292

  • Fix strip remote diff clearml GitHub Issue 295

  • Fix python package detection sklearn -> scikit-learn clearml GitHub Issue 296

  • Fix argparse issues

    • Fix argparse with [None] in default parameter clearml GitHub Issue 297

    • Fix parsing of arguments in scientific notation clearml GitHub Issue 313

    • Fix argparser logging always captures defaults (Windows only, ignored cmd)

    • Fix argparse nargs passed in command line --nargs 1 2 should be stored as [1, 2] not as ['1', '2']

    • Fix support for nonstandard argparse with default value that is not of defined type

    • Fix server updated with the argparse in remote before Task.init() is called (respect skipped args)

  • Fix Dataset support

    • Fix Dataset.remove_files() can’t find files when files are in dataset root clearml GitHub Issue 303

    • Fix closing a dataset with only files removed

    • Fix Dataset generate removed / modified / added of summary table

  • Fix hydra multi-run support clearml GitHub Issue 306

  • Fix TF/TensorBoard support

    • Fix TensorBoard multiple Task.init()/Task.close() calls within the same process clearml GitHub Issue 312

    • Fix TensorBoard 2+ pr_curve

    • Fix TF pr_curve should not be inverted

    • Fix TF +2.3 mixed eager mode execution summary metrics not reported

    • Fix TF bind keyboard interrupt

    • Fix TF 2.4 keras load/save model

  • Fix clearml-task

    • Fix error when script cannot be found

    • Fix --docker flag not passed

    • Fix patching local git diff

  • Fix clearml-data

    • Fix clearml-data sync requires --name

    • Fix missing required argument --files in clearml-data remove

  • Fix Task.execute_remotely() from Jupyter Notebook

  • Fix populate Task called from Jupyter Notebook (use Task.create(packages=True) to auto populate based on locally installed packages)

  • Fix plotly plot with numpy containing NaN/datetime

  • Fix matplotlib with Agg backend (or in remote execution)

  • Fix trying to upload model file as a folder (automatically package the folder)

  • Fix broken packages on package importlib detection failed the entire requirements detection

  • Fix Task.connect(object) should always return the same object instance

  • Fix Task.create() with repo and script that exists locally

  • Fix crash in case Logger.get_logger() cannot get the file name

  • Fix exception at exit in python 3.8+ on MacOS/Windows

  • Fix make pipeline summary table link to Task step logs

  • Fix Hydra 1.1 support (argparse description)

  • Fix close task after logger is closed

  • Fix Task.set_base_docker() in remote execution

  • Fix artifact preview limit to 64Kb

  • Fix JupyterLab Notebook detection

  • Fix Python 2.7 support

ClearML Agent 0.17.2


  • Add virtual environment caching

    • Supports venv caching both in standard and docker mode

    • Configurable using the agent.venvs_cache configuration section

    • Disabled by default, enable here

  • Add support for --services-mode with venvs

  • Add agent.force_git_ssh_user configuration value (default git, see here) clearml-agent GitHub Issue 42

  • Add agent.ignore_requested_python_version configuration option for multi python environments (default false)

  • Add agent.enable_task_env configuration option to set the OS environment based on the Environment section of the Task (default false, see here)

  • K8s glue

    • Add support for detecting and deleting k8s pods that fail to start

    • Allow providing namespace in k8s glue and k8s glue example

    • Add base-pod-number parameter to k8s glue and example

  • Change agent.default_docker.image to nvidia/cuda:10.1-cudnn7-runtime-ubuntu18.04 (see here)

  • Use shared git cache for multiple agents on the same machine

  • Upgrade pynvml add detect CUDA version from driver level

  • Update agent and services docker files

  • Update documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix docker --network returns None

  • Fix docker mode without venvs cache dir

  • Fix applying git diff on a newly added file

  • Fix environment variables CLEARML_WEB_HOST/CLEARML_FILES_HOST not passed to running tasks (or updated on the config object)

  • Fix --detached command line option not supported on Windows (ignore and issue warning)

  • Fix file not found error (errno 2) interpreted as aborted (i.e. Ctrl-C)

  • Fix from clearml runtime diff patching

  • Fix cache to take cuda version into account

  • Fix CPU mode

  • Fix multi instances on Windows

  • Fix conda support for git+http links

  • Fix k8s glue does not pass docker environment variables, remove deprecated flags

Version 0.17.4



  • Add HyperParameterOptimizer parallel coordinates - clearml GitHub Issue 279

  • Add Task.init() argument tags

  • Change HPO parallel coordinates color scale, yellow is low

  • Change HyperParameterOptimizer spawn_task_project to spawn_project

  • Revert all Numpy requirement changes, use only lower limit

Bug Fixes

  • Fix argparse nargs support

  • Fix argparse with action="append"

  • Fix PyJWT v2.0 token parsing

  • Fix Python package detection it should not list file:// links

Version 0.17.3



  • Add Task.delete() support

  • Add Task.debug_simulate_remote_task() to simulate task execution by ClearML Agent

  • Add warning on archived Task in pipeline - clearml GitHub Issue 274

  • Add Task.init(..., output_uri=True) will use the default files_server as output uri

  • Make clearml-data CLI stateful, remember last dataset ID as default dataset

  • Added HyperParameterOptimizer.get_optimizer_top_experiments() for querying post execution optimization pipeline

  • Add Task.set_archived() and Task.get_archived()

  • Add Task.set_credentials() option to store into credentials file

  • Add clearml-data close now auto uploads

  • Add HyperParameterOptimizer arguments spawn_task_project and save_top_k_tasks_only

Bug Fixes

  • Fix PipelineController running remotely without configuration does not execute the default code pipeline - clearml GitHub Issue 273

  • Fix reusing task after its project was deleted - clearml GitHub Issue 274

  • Fix Task.archived_tag read-only property does not work - clearml GitHub Issue 274

  • Fix argparse support to store consistent str representation of custom objects. Avoid changing default value if remote value matches

  • Fix argparse type as function

  • Fix Dataset add single and multiple file(s)

  • Fix get project name from parent dataset if not specified

  • Fix mpl exporter. Added support for legend

  • Fix model upload

  • Fix optimizer callback best experiment

  • Fix Optuna optimizer failing on tasks with None value in scalar query

  • Fix auto python package detection installed directly from URLs

  • Fix dataset upload aborted on server watchdog

  • Fix dataset genealogy, graph and restoring data

  • Fix numpy dependency for python versions

Version 0.17.2


Bug Fixes

Fix broken clearml-task CLI

Version 0.17.1


Bug Fixes

  • clearml-task CLI link fixed

Version 0.17.0



  • Renamed trains as clearml (see clearml in GitHub)

  • Add clearml-data CLI for Differential Dataset Management & Versioning (see details)

  • Add clearml-task CLI for creating (importing) code into ClearML (see details)

  • Add Task.create supports importing a code / repository into ClearML, including remote execution with clearml-agent

Bug Fixes

  • PyJWT v2.0 breaks the interface

Open Source ClearML Server


  • New profile page layout

  • Move knowledge resource to UI top bar

  • Add complete experiment full screen view

  • Add scalar results split/grouped view

  • Add experiment active duration custom column to experiment table

  • Improve comparison experiment consistency in plots for experiment name and color

  • Improve project last update time: updated whenever an experiment or model in the project is updated

  • Improve table multi-select UX: shift+mouse-click - clearml GitHub Issue 61

  • Add experiment parent to experiment details INFO tab

  • Improve UI experiment archiving: Archiving queued experiments automatically dequeues them

  • Improve experiment comparison: use available screen width

  • Add debug sample history tracking - clearml GitHub Issue 81

  • Replace “Download” action with “Copy to Clipboard” for local files

  • Add ClearML usage tips

  • Add Task and Model, Clone and /Move-to allow creating new project on the fly

  • Add support for all S3/minio special character (%) encoding cases

  • Add API for filter by parent

  • Improve browser-search to find data not visible in uncommitted changes/installed packages window

  • Improve Task artifacts optimization

  • Upgrade plotly to 1.57.1

  • Rename Log tab to Console

Bug Fixes

  • Fix HiDPI table issues

  • Fix results/plots not scaling properly - clearml GitHub Issue 247

  • Fix experiment comparison:

    • Cannot compare regular Tasks to example Tasks

    • Cannot unhide scalars

    • Scalars wall time view and relative view will not auto-refresh

  • Fix log scrolling in Chrome

  • Fix UI adds to plots legend labels unnecessary task ID string - clearml GitHub Issue 247

  • Fix parallel coordinates: dimensions are not sorted by value

  • Fix scalar auto color selection provides too similar colors

  • Fix reordering a custom column does not restore column location

  • Fix uncommitted changes - not possible to copy the entire text

  • Fix queues wait time graph base should be 0, not in the middle.

  • Fix plots view - “No Data” shown for a moment when changing experiments

  • Fix adding new tag during auto-refresh

  • Fix hide empty input model on non draft experiment

  • Fix experiment/model table - name column restores to default size after opening and closing info

  • Fix double click resizer should auto fit column

ClearML Hosted Service only

  • Launched free ClearML Hosted Service (see getting started)

  • Multiple workspaces

  • Workspace invitation

  • Add publicly sharing experiments

ClearML Agent

  • Renamed trains-agent as clearml-agent (see clearml-agent in GitHub)