Version 0.12


Trains is now ClearML.

Version 0.12.2


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Add default_output_uri feature (GitHub Issue #57).

  • Improve trains-init configuration wizard.

  • Improve argparser binding.

  • Fix artifact support in data pipeline (GitHub Issue #63).

  • Fix threading issue while querying multiple experiments (GitHub Issue #64).

  • Fix uploading large files over slow HTTP connections.

  • Fix support for Git versions < 2.

Breaking Changes

  • Do not reuse an experiment with artifacts.

Trains Agent

Features and Bug Fixes

  • Improve configuration wizard.

  • Improve Docker and Kubernetes support.

  • Add docker build command.

  • Add initial Poetry support.

  • Fix docker CUDA support.

Version 0.12.1


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Add Task.connect_configuration, connect your configuration file (or configuration dictionary including nesting support). See (example.

  • Add Task.connect_label_enumeration, store model detection classes together with the model and experiment.

  • Edit and override configuration file (or dictionary) content when executing with (trains-agent.

  • Task.connect automatically supports nested dictionaries (e.g. param/nested/key), including overriding values when running with (trains-agent. See (example.

  • Add Artifact.get, download and load an artifact.

  • Add Task.get_tasks, retrieve previous experiments, get metrics, rename, and other uses.

  • Improve Windows support.

  • Improve Minio support.

  • Fix Python2 support.

  • Fix Issue (GitHub Issue #56).

Trains Server

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Add resource monitoring.

  • Fix Web UI compare plots bug #55.

  • Improve server upgrade checks/messages.

Trains Agent

Features and Bug Fixes

  • Windows support! YES, you can now have Windows machines as part of your cluster (notice –docker is not supported on Windows).

  • Add initial Conda package manager support (still in beta).

  • Add –gpus and –cpu-only for easier GPU control when running multiple trains-agent instances on the same machine.

  • Add (python_binary can now be specified (the default is the same Python binary executing the trains-agent).

  • Fix Issue (GitHub Issue #2).

Version 0.12.0


Features and Bug Fixes

  • TRAINS Agent support (Full DevOps support).

  • Add automation and orchestration (examples/automation. Supports TRAINS-server v0.12 or above.

  • Add Logger x/y/z axis title for: report_surface / report_confusion_matrix / report_scatter3d / report_scatter2d / report_histogram.

  • Add support for TensorFlow 2.0.

  • Embed pyhocon into package.

  • Fix artifacts support on Windows.

  • Fix example code Windows support.

Trains Server

  • Add full DevOps support.

  • Add job scheduling queue management.

  • Add cluster management (TRAINS Agent workers).

  • Add system wide auto-refresh.

Trains Agent

TRAINS Agent - Initial Release

  • TRAINS Agent currently supports Linux and Mac.

  • Python packaging system supported: pip.

  • Containers supported: Docker v19.03 and above.

  • Version Control support: git

  • Support for standalone scripts and Jupyter Notebooks.

  • TRAINS-server v0.12 and above.

  • TRAINS v0.11.3 and above.

  • Sample configuration file available (.