Version 0.11


Trains is now ClearML.

Version 0.11.3


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Resource-Monitor will only monitor active GPU devices based on environment variables: NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES or CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES.

  • Fix issue (GitHub Issue #48).

Version 0.11.2


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fix Python 2.7 support.

  • Improve sample code Windows support.

Version 0.11.1


Features and Bug Fixes

  • GPU Monitoring embedded into Trains(removed gpustat dependency).

  • Add initial support for TensorFlow v2.0 (tested with v2.0.0rc1).

  • Add artifact upload retry on network errors (default: 3).

  • Suppress urllib3 retry warnings.

  • Fix Matplotlib support with Agg backend (multiple plot windows caused repeated graphs to be sent).

  • Fix support for tuples in hyper-parameters.

  • Fix multi processing issues with different task types.

Version 0.11.0


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Full artifacts support (supported by trains-server >= 0.11.0).

  • Artifacts include, Pandas.DataFrame, Numpy, PIL Image, local files, and local folder/wildcard (example).

  • Artifacts support for folder/wildcard, selected files will be zipped and uploaded.

  • Resource monitoring, remove sensor reading failure warnings.

Breaking Changes

  • Logger info/error/warnin/console functions were removed, use Logger.report_text (or Python logging or print instead).

  • TensorBoard scalars are not grouped into one graph, but are stored on individual graphs (to match TensorBoard behavior). To restore previous behavior call Logger.tensorboard_auto_group_scalars(group_scalars=True).

Trains Server

  • Add scalar graphs smoothing (matched TensorBoard behavior).

  • Add scalar graphs X-axis selection: Iteration / Relative / Wall Time.

  • Add min/max/last value for all scalars (available in experiment table column selection / sorting).

  • Add hyper-parameter to experiment table custom columns.

  • Add artifacts support (Models tab moved into artifacts as specific artifact type).

  • Add full Azure storage support.

  • Fix column sorting N/A values.