Plotly Reporting

The example demonstrates ClearML Plotly integration and reporting. Report Plotly plots in ClearML by calling the Logger.report_plotly method, and passing it a complex Plotly figure using the figure parameter. In this example, the Plotly figure is created using, see Scatter Plots in Python in the Plotly documentation.

When the script runs, it creates an experiment named plotly reporting, which is associated with the examples project.

# Iris dataset
df =

# create complex plotly figure
fig = px.scatter(df, x="sepal_width", y="sepal_length", color="species", marginal_y="rug", marginal_x="histogram")

# report the plotly figure
task.get_logger().report_plotly(title="iris", series="sepal", iteration=0, figure=fig)

ClearML reports Plotly plots in the ClearML Web UI, experiment details, RESULTS tab, PLOTS sub-tab.