Deploying ClearML Server: Windows 10


This documentation page applies to deploying your own open source ClearML Server. It does not apply to ClearML Hosted Service users.

For Windows, we recommend launching the pre-built Docker image on a Linux virtual machine (see Deploying ClearML Server: Linux or macOS. However, you can launch ClearML Server on Windows 10 using Docker Desktop for Windows (see the Docker System Requirements).


If you are reinstalling ClearML Server, we recommend clearing your browser cookies for ClearML Server. For example, go to Developer Tools > Storage > Cookies (Firefox), Developer Tools > Application > Cookies (Chrome) and deleting all cookies under the ClearML Server URL.



By default, ClearML Server with unrestricted access. To restrict ClearML Server access, follow the instructions in the Securing Your Own ClearML Server page.

To deploy your ClearML Server on Windows 10:

  1. Install the Docker Desktop for Windows application by either:

  2. Increase the memory allocation in Docker Desktop to 4GB.

    1. In your Windows notification area (system tray), right click the Docker icon.

    2. Click Settings, Advanced, and then set the memory to at least 4096.

    3. Click Apply.

  3. Remove any previous installation of ClearML Server.

    This clears all existing ClearML SDK databases.

     rmdir c:\opt\clearml /s
  4. Create local directories for data and logs. Open PowerShell and execute the following commands:

     cd c:
     mkdir c:\opt\clearml\data
     mkdir c:\opt\clearml\logs
  5. Save the ClearML Server docker-compose YAML file.

     curl -o c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml
  6. Run docker-compose. In PowerShell, execute the following commands:

     docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml up

    Your server is now running on http://localhost:8080.

Port mapping

After deploying ClearML Server, the services expose the following node ports:

  • Web server on port 8080

  • API server on port 8008

  • File server on port 8081


To restart your ClearML Server Docker deployment:

  • To restart ClearML Server, first stop and then restart the Docker containers by executing the following commands:

      docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml down
      docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml up -d


  1. Shut down the docker containers. Execute one of the following commands, depending upon whether you are upgrading your ClearML Server version, or upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server.

    • Upgrading your ClearML Server version:

      docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml down
    • Upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server:

      docker-compose -f c:\opt\trains\docker-compose-win10.yml down
  2. If you are upgrading from Trains Server version 0.15 or older to ClearML Server, a data migration is required before you upgrade. First follow these data migration instructions, and then continue this upgrade.

  3. We recommend backing up your data and, if your configuration folder is not empty, backing up your configuration.


    For example, if your configuration is in c:\opt\clearml, then backup c:\opt\clearml\config and c:\opt\clearml\data. Before restoring, remove the old artifacts in c:\opt\clearml\config and c:\opt\clearml\data, and then restore.

  4. If you are upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server, rename /opt/trains and its subdirectories to /opt/clearml.

  5. Download the latest docker-compose.yml file.

     curl -o c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml
  6. Startup ClearML Server. This automatically pulls the latest ClearML Server build.

     docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml pull
     docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml up -d

If issues arise during your upgrade, see the FAQ page, How do I fix Docker upgrade errors?.