ClearML Agent

ClearML Agent is a virtual environment and execution manager for DL / ML solutions on GPU machines. It integrates with the ClearML Python Package and ClearML Server (the ClearML Hosted Service or your own ClearML Server) to provide a full AI cluster solution, including: experiment reproducibility, and scalable MLOps workflows on multiple target machines.

ClearML Agent executes an experiment or other workflow by reproducing the state of the code from the original machine to a remote machine, and executes the code as follows:

  1. ClearML Agent creates a new Python virtual environment (for every experiment).

  2. In the new Python virtual environment, ClearML Agent installs the required Python package versions.

  3. ClearML Agent clones the Git repository based on the definition stored with the experiment.

  4. ClearML Agent applies the uncommitted changes to the newly cloned code.

  5. Once the state of the code is reproduced on a remote machine, ClearML Agent runs the Python script based on the working directory and entry point stored with the experiment. It executes with logging and monitoring.

  6. While the Task is executing and anytime after, track the experiment and visualize results in the ClearML Web UI.

Once ClearML Agent is running on a target machine, you can continue to use it. Reproduce experiments and execute automated workflows, programmatically and using the ClearML Web UI (without directly working with code), by enqueuing to the queue that ClearML Agent is listening to.

For more information, see: installation and configuration instructions, use case examples, commands, and configuration options.