About Allegro

Our Story

Allegro is the brainchild of Moses Guttmann, Nir Bar-Lev and Gil Westrich. Back in 2014 developments in AI and more specifically in deep learning, were making headlines regularly in academic circles. These events provided a glimpse into how this technology would revolutionize computer science in general and more specifically bring about a paradigm shift in computer vision. The team identified three key realities:

  1. AI was a fundamentally different software product paradigm. The abundant ecosystem of tools, infrastructure and platforms available for traditional S/W products wouldn’t suffice any longer. To support the scale-up and roll-out of deep learning-based solutions by product teams, new tools would need to be created.
  2. AI was a learning-based paradigm, but all the work on AI was essentially creating “learned” [static] solutions as opposed to learning [dynamic] solutions. The learning always ceased when products were deployed, although AI has the potential – in fact one of its key strengths – to continue learning post-deployment.
  3. Real-time computer vision solutions require processing / decision -making to happen at the edge. AI, and more specifically deep learning, is a very computationally heavy technology. The problem then becomes: How to produce results with limited resources in real-time? The only architectural solution that is device and H/W platform agnostic is one that delivers a uniquely tailored solution to each edge device and its uniquely specific environment. As such, the S/W solution to the problem carries the highest ROI and widest use-case applicability.

With these realizations, the three teamed up in 2016 to embark on a journey to address these challenges and opportunities with a vision of enabling every organization to leverage the full power of deep learning to build solutions for a better world.

From the get-go, the founders understood that any best of breed platform requires a combination of deep domain-expertise as well as superb software engineering in relevant areas. So the partners set up to build a 360-degree team in terms of the talent surrounding the problem statement. They brought in key talent in deep learning, high performance computing, backend, DevOps, embedded development and product management.

Board Members and Management Team

Nir Bar-Lev / CEO & Co-Founder

Nir is the CEO and co-founder of Allegro. Nir brings more than two decades of technology and business leadership experience. Prior to Allegro, Nir spent a decade at Google in senior leadership roles, most recently as the General Manager of BebaPay – a mobile payments solution. Prior to that, Nir served as the product lead for all of Google’s Search Advertising in EMEA as well as other leadership roles at Google. Nir is a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School MBA graduate, an experienced engineer and an IDF elite technology unit alum.

Moses Guttmann / CTO & Co-Founder

Moses is a computer vision & deep learning guru and a serial entrepreneur. Moses brings almost 20 years of experience making visionary technologies a reality. Prior to Allegro, Moses co-founded several start-ups in the computer vision and embedded processing spaces. Moses is an alum of the IDF’s most elite technology unit, has 10 patent and patent applications and 5 academic publications in his name. Moses holds an M.Sc. Cum Laude from the Tel Aviv University in Computer Science. Despite the fact that he left during his PhD to start a company with his academic adviser, Moses still considers himself a PhD candidate until a time he gets around to finishing it.

Gil Westrich / VP R&D & Co-Founder

Gil is a software and video technology expert with two decades of software engineering leadership experience. Gil’s vast experience in software R&D team leadership and consulting spans multiple fields including embedded devices, complex software solutions, algorithms & more. Prior to Allegro Gil co-founded Qptical. Earlier in his career Gil consulted for eToro, and lead teams at Zoran Corporation, Emblaze Res

Catherine Leung / Board Member

Catherine K.C. Leung is Founder and General Partner at MizMaa Ventures. Prior to founding MizMaa Ventures in 2016, she was Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Asia Investment Banking where she worked for 20 years. She was named among the Top 20 Women in Finance by Finance Asia in 2011. Before investment banking, she was a consultant at Oliver Wyman & Co. She graduated summa cum laude at The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. She serves on the Wharton Asia Board, and is also a Court Member of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Ayelet Edrey / Board Member

Ayelet Edrey is the Investment Principal in Robert Bosch Venture Capital. Prior to joining RBVC, she managed Bank Leumi (Israel’s largest bank), large M&A deals. Prior to that Ayelet was AVP Strategy & M&A in M-Systems/Sandisk where she took part in the M-Systems M&A ($1.5Bn) as well as in the PMI. Ayelet was a Principal with Apax Partners and had a Product Management position in Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP) and spent 6 years at Intel’s R&D Center in Israel in management and development roles.

David (Dede) Goldschmidt/ Board Member

David (Dede) Goldschmidt is Vice President and Managing Director at Samsung Catalyst Fund. Prior to joining Samsung, he served as General and Managing Partner at Valley VC and Mofet Technology Fund. Earlier in his career, Dede held operational roles in the telecom industry, including VP Marketing and Product Management position at ADC (Israel), and Business Development for Teledata Communications (acquired by ADC).