Jumpstart Your ML / DL Project. At No Cost.

Automagical open-source ML & DL experiment manager and ML-Ops solution

Want to scale up for production?

Check out our Enterprise solution with managed services, data management, continuous learning, integration services and more.

Full Solution for the Data Scientist: Frontend and Backend

Command Your Code

Run, track, and manage all your experiments with robust version control (snapshot) capability.

All in One Dashboard

Visualize & compare experiments, hyperparams, source code, logs, data, artifacts and resources in a user-friendly dashboard.

Streamline ML-Ops

Manage distributed resources, launch experiments remotely with no packaging effort and utilize full hybrid clusters without any coding.

5 Min. Setup

Get started in minutes with only two lines of code. We call it automagical.

Team Collaboration

Test and build on your colleague's data and model, with a click of a button.

Integrate with Tools Already in Play

Deploy On-Prem or in the Cloud

Our Three-Tier Offering


Open Source
ML / DL Platform

Whether you are an expert or new to the field, you can use Allegro Trains to manage and track your experiments and collaborate with your colleagues. Leverage ML-Ops and distributed training with no heavy lifting required from DevOps.
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Allegro AI Enterprise Platform

Allegro AI provides an end-to-end platform and customized data pipelines to productize your AI solutions. Seamlessly manage the entire development, deployment, and post-production feedback loop.
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Project Labs

Leverage our world-class data scientists and data engineers to rapidly set up customized commercial-grade data pipelines fully integrated to your environment. You always retain ownership and privacy of your data & IP.

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