Jumpstart Your Deep Learning Project. At No Cost.

Automagical open-source deep-learning experiment and AutoML manager

Want to scale up for production?

Check out our Enterprise solution with data management, continuous learning, customization services and more.

Full Solution for the Data Scientist: Frontend and Backend

Command Your Code

Run, track, and manage all your experiments with robust version control (snapshot) capability.

All in One Dashboard

Visualize & compare experiments, hyperparams, source code, logs, data, artifacts and resources in a user-friendly dashboard.

Streamline DL-Ops

Manage distributed resources, launch experiments remotely with no packaging effort and utilize full hybrid clusters without any coding.

5 Min. Setup

Get started in minutes with only two lines of code. We call it automagical.

Team Collaboration

Test and build on your colleague's data and model, with a click of a button.

Integrate with Tools Already in Play

Our Three-Tier Offering


Open Source
DL Platform

Whether you are an expert or new to the field, you can use Trains to manage and track your experiments. Leverage AutoML and distributed training with no heavy lifting required from DevOps.
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Allegro AI Enterprise Platform

Allegro AI provides an end-to-end platform and customized data pipelines to productize your perception solutions. Seamlessly manage the entire development, deployment, and post-production feedback loop.
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Project Labs

Utilize our world-class data scientists and computer vision experts to rapidly develop commercial-grade deep learning models that can be deployed into your product. You always retain ownership and privacy of your data & IP.
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