Transform ML / DL Research into Products. Faster.

End-to-end enterprise-grade platform for data scientists, data engineers, DevOps and managers to manage the entire machine learning & deep learning product life-cycle.

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Our Two-Tier Offering

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open source ML / DL platform

Whether you are an expert or new to the field, you can use Allegro Trains to manage and track your experiments and collaborate with your colleagues. Leverage ML-Ops and distributed training with no heavy lifting required from DevOps.
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end-to-end enterprise platform

Scale up your workflows and move to deployment leveraging powerful data management and pipeline building features; enhanced security, managed services & support plus other enterprise features.
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Why Allegro Trains?

Case Studies

“[Data scientists] now had, in Allegro Trains, a comprehensive collection of features that made their ML processes as efficient as those they were familiar with from their experience in traditional software development”

“Allegro Trains just feels natural. Quietly and intuitively working in the background, we can focus on empowering surgeons, not wrestling with the steps to get there.”

“We can do almost twice as much without hiring additional staff or dedicated DevOps…we’re projecting a savings of about $1.3M over the next 12 months due to these improvements.”

“The most fundamental key to success is building an automated, high-quality scalable data pipeline…there is currently no comparable commercial solution to Allegro Trains out there.”

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Scikit Learn
PyTorch Lightning
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